265/35ZR18 Zeknova SuperSport RS

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The Zeknova SuperSport RS is an economic semi-slick R Compound Tire. Tires have a deeper tread of 8MM, 10/32nds and special formula to help extend life. This tire offers excellent grip throughout life of tire.

These performance tires have a UTQG Treadwear of 240 AA A

This tires is great for many applications such as

  • Drifting
  • Road Course Racing
  • Aggressive Street 
  • Endurance Racing
  • AutoCross Racing


Order Yours Today to be Competitive in 2019 

Size Treadwear Load Index Speed Rating Wheel Size Pressure (PSI) Load (KG/LBS)
195/50ZR15 240AA A 82 W 6.0J 44 475/1047
235/45ZR17 240AA A 94 W 8.0J 44 670/1477
245/40ZR17 XL 240AA A 95 W 8.5J 49 690/1520
225/40ZR18 240AA A 88 W 8.0J 44 560/1235
235/40ZR18 240AA A 91 W 8.5J 44 615/1355
245/40ZR18 XL 240AA A 97 W 8.5J 49 730/1609
255/35ZR18 240AA A 90 W 9.0J 44 600/1323
265/35ZR18 240AA A 93 W 9.5J 44 650/1433

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