Adam LZ & Taylor Ray put Zeknova to the Test!

Adam LZ & Taylor Ray put Zeknova to the Test!

We weren't about to let the cold Canadian winter slow down research and development of our Zeknova tires!

We loaded up a truck and trailer full of tires and began our drive to Orlando Florida. The location of choice was Orlando Speed World as it is notorious for chewing through tires.

We invited seat time heroes Adam LZ and Taylor Ray to test our tires on various different power applications including the 900hp Enjuku Racing S15 Silvia, Adam's 500hp 240sx S13 Pro-am Car and both Taylor and Adam's stock 350z practice cars dubbed the "ProxZimity's". 

Drifting is an addiction and tires are the most expensive expendable. As an enthusiast owned and operated tire company we feel the need to provide you with the longest lasting, most cost effective solution while also providing the best forward and side bite. 

After a surprise rain shower, we established that our Supersport RS does extremely well in the rain in comparison to the Kenda Kaiser KR20 in terms of grip and longevity as expressed by both Adam and Taylor in their videos

As the hot-lapping continued, the skid pad's wet surface began to dry and become patchy. As a drifter, this is a challenging time to be on track as it can be a difficult surface to predict. To the surprise of the drivers the Zeknova Supersport RS  maintained excellent grip and longevity through these conditions as both Taylor and Adam threw down some extremely tight tandems at high speeds despite the conditions. 

Next up from the fleet we introduced the 500hp screaming SR20det powered s13 to the Supersport RS and it was amazing to see the results. The sound of clutch kicks resonated in the Florida air and at that point we knew that the grip level was where it needed to be for the higher power pro-am applications.

 Last but not least, after a brief warm up;The 900HP Enjuku Built S15 Silvia crept toward the Oval sporting our 140 Treadwear RS 606 R1. As excitement filled our chest and the smell race fuel filled our nostrils, we watched Adam line up the car at grid. 

One thing we love about Adam LZ is his honesty. It takes guts to throw a twitchy 900hp racecar toward the cement wall of  a sloping bank in 4th gear at speeds that can break your ribs if you so much as blink. There was a lot on the line when we put the Zeknova 140tw to the test and it took Adam a few runs of fighting his aggressive sequential transmission to really nail it, but when he did we stood there in awe as the Tire Smoke POURED out of the angry JZ powered Silvia.

As Adam pulled into pits we all shared a moment of excitement and we knew that we had succeeded. Our tires had exceeded performance standards as a tire ready to competed in high hp pro level applications and inspire the confidence needed to place well.

We would like to extend a warm thank you to Adam LZ, Taylor Ray, Tommy, Kevin Darwish and all those who made this event possible. 

We look forward to an amazing year and we thank you for showing up to push the limits of R&D in drift specific applications.




Click  the Videos to see both Taylor Ray and Adam LZ's take on Zeknova!